The Ratzel Family has been on an adventure since 2004.  Moving from a sleepy town in western New York (southern tier) to a vacation mecca in the Lowcountry South Carolina.   We’ve truly been blessed and fortunate in every aspect of our lives.  We have made many very close friends, discovered new leisure opportunities like travel and Golf, We are heavily involved within our schools and community through clubs and sports (working towards making Ratzel a household name), and our careers have been exceptionally rewarding- Vicki works with children at a local Elementary School only 5 min. from home and I am a CIO at a well-known FQHC –if you know what the alphabet soup means, please let me know (Both are our dreams jobs).  Need to make a special shout-out to Kelly Renae, T.J., Chris, and Kelly Anne (thanks for being the worlds best Kids)!  Save the best for last : Madison , our one ond only Grand…

 We wish everyone our success and enjoyment out of life….

Welcome to Sunny South Carolina